Libby Hough Van Winkle Children’s Fund

Founded by parents Hammet and Jaralyn Hough to meet the special or unique needs of children, with preference to those in foster care.

Growing up on her family’s farm in Boyds, Maryland, Elizabeth “Libby” Hough Van Winkle quickly learned that as the only girl among her three brothers, she had to stand up for the things she believed in. Throughout her life she became devoted to supporting the things that were most important to her. This devotion led to a strong commitment of helping children, especially those who had no one else they could depend on. Although she was busy taking care of her two children and running her own business, Libby decided to become a foster parent. Hammet and Jeri Hough, Libby’s parents, say that being a foster parent was one of the most gratifying experiences for Libby. She found it very rewarding to see the impact of a loving, caring home upon these young lives. When Libby died in January 2007, Mr. and Mrs. Hough wanted to honor their daughter’s dedication to foster children by creating The Libby Hough Van Winkle Foster Children’s Fund. The fund provides grants to supports special and unique needs of children in foster care not met through traditional outlets.

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