SSGT. Michael McCauley Foundation Fund

Founded by parents J. Scott and Debra Kemp McCauley to provide grants and scholarships.

A 2001 graduate of Urbana High School, SSgt. Michael McCauley joined the United States Air Force (USAF), Security Forces, in February 2002. He served three combat tours in Iraq, and then served 14 months in Osan, Korea, as the youngest training cadre (instructor) in the USAF. He earned numerous medals before his February 2008 discharge. SSgt. Michael McCauley lost his life because of war, but not in combat. Honorably discharged from the USAF, he took his own life a few months later, due to post traumatic stress disorder. As a way to honor him and his six years of military service, SSgt. McCauley’s parents, Debbie and J. Scott McCauley, established The SSgt. Michael McCauley Foundation Fund to provide grants to nonprofits and scholarships to students.

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