Ann Burnside Love and Thomas A. Love, MD, Family Scholarship Fund

Founded by Mrs. Love in honor and memory of her husband, Thomas A. Love, and the family they created to provide scholarships for students pursuing a career in journalism, creative writing, communications, marketing or business writing degrees. The fund will also provide scholarships to students accepted or enrolled at University of Maryland’s medical or dental schools.

To honor her late husband and the family they created, Ann Burnside Love established The Ann Burnside Love and Thomas A. Love, M.D. Family Scholarship Fund. The fund also honors the careers of Dr. and Mrs. Love. As a family physician in Thurmont during the late 1950’s through the 1960’s, Dr. Love was determined to follow in the footsteps of his physician father and grandfather, but he wanted a small-town hands-on practice. He established close relationships with his patients, and was immensely loved and respected for the time, attention, and caring that he gave to each person. Tragically, in 1968 he lost his life in an automobile accident on his way to a house call. “I”m so grateful that I”m finally able to establish this scholarship fund,” said Mrs. Love. “The idea for the fund has been with me since my husband died. For many years, I”ve wanted to honor him and the wonderful physician he was by helping others achieve their medical degrees. Also, my passion for writing is my motivation to help budding writers become successful. So, I”ve created this fund to honor the wonderful family that Tom and I created. I am so proud of our four children and their families, and I know Tom would be, too.”

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