Gross Family Legacy to Impact Generations to Come

The Gross family legacy permanently lives with The Community Foundation of Frederick County. As educators, artists, and through a common bond of wanting to give back to their community and positively impact the lives of others, Anne-Lynn, Thelma, and William Gross influenced countless Frederick County community members, and through three funds with the Community Foundation, they will continue to do so forever.

Anne-Lynn Gross, the daughter of “Judge” William B. Gross and Thelma Gross, was born and raised in Brunswick. She pursued her passion for music and music education at Shenandoah Conservatory of Music (now Shenandoah University) and West Virginia University. She later taught music in Frederick County Public Schools for 10 years. Anne-Lynn was well-known as “The Singing Auctioneer” and was the first woman auctioneer in Maryland. She was also the first woman auctioneer in Maryland to receive the CAI (Certified Auctioneers Designation), and the first woman in the nation to serve on the National Auctioneers Foundation Board.

Anne-Lynn had a strong desire to give back to her community, a quality that was instilled in her by her parents. During her lifetime, she turned to the Community Foundation to establish The Frederick Arts Council Thelma Gross Music Scholarship Fund, which she founded in collaboration with the Frederick Arts Council, and The “Judge” William B. Gross Fund.

The Frederick Arts Council Thelma Gross Music Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to students pursuing music education. Anne-Lynn created this fund in memory of her mother. Thelma Gross was a teacher for more than 30 years and taught at Maryland School for the Deaf and Brunswick Elementary School. She was also a singer and member of the Monday Morning Musical Foundation, an active organization in the 1940s. In her free time, Thelma enjoyed the art of writing poetry, singing, and playing the piano. The fund that honors her memory will allow countless students to follow their passion for music, just as Thelma did during her lifetime.

The “Judge” William B. Gross Fund was created by Anne-Lynn in her father’s memory. The fund’s purpose is to support the work of the Frederick Rescue Mission. “Judge” Gross was known for positively impacting the lives of others and providing second chances to people while he served as District Court Commissioner in Frederick. The fund in his name will continue his legacy of assisting people who are trying to improve their lives. 

Anne-Lynn Gross passed away in 2014. Through her estate provisions, she established The “Judge” William B. Gross Scholarship Fund with the Community Foundation to provide scholarships to high school students pursuing postsecondary education. She also left real estate to the Community Foundation through her estate, which was then sold to support the Community Foundation’s charitable purposes, as per her instructions.

The Gross family made a positive impact on so many throughout their lives with their dedication and commitment to their community. Their charitable dreams will be permanently carried out by the Community Foundation, providing future community members with educational and other support services for generations to come.