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A Legacy of Giving in New Market, Linganore

There are countless ways to make an impact on the community – volunteer time, donate money and goods, mentor others, join a service organization. The Community Foundation of Frederick County partners with individuals, families and organizations who want to build a legacy around their giving and impact. Several funds are creating a legacy around giving in the Linganore and New Market area.

The 2022 Wertheimer Honorees

Since 2002, the Community Foundation of Frederick County has been recognizing people who are selfless in their contributions of time, energy, and talents because they want to make a difference in the lives of others. The 2022 Wertheimer Fellows for Excellence in Volunteerism will be honored on November 17 at our 36th Annual Report to the Community.

Thurmont Reaps Benefits of Generous Donors

Known as the “gateway to the mountains,” the town of Thurmont is alive with activity. Many folks have lived in Thurmont their entire lives and some have turned their love for the town into a legacy of giving back to the community. The Community Foundation of Frederick County is proud to partner with donors who want to impact Thurmont for generations to come.

Backup Plans Important in Building a Legacy

We have backup plans for everything – we buy insurance when we book a vacation just in case weather makes travel impossible, we use Waze to help us navigate so we have a backup route if there is an accident, and we apply to several colleges so if the first choice doesn’t work out, we have other options. Having a backup plan is an important part of being prepared for all the hurdles life throws at us.

Emmitsburg: A Small Town With Mighty Donors

Taking up less than two square miles and with a population of just over 3,000 people, the historic town of Emmitsburg sits tucked into the mountains in northern Frederick County. While it’s generally not considered a bustling area, the town enjoys a strong sense of community. A commitment to the well-being of Emmitsburg and its residents can be seen in several funds created with The Community Foundation of Frederick County.