Past Scholar Success Story: Katie Stevens

smiling woman

In 2005, Katie Stevens graduated from Walkersville High School with a plan for her future – attend college and then return to the family farm to carry on the tradition of milking cows. However, as a first-generation college student, Katie faced financial constraints that seemed insurmountable, especially for a family of first-generation dairy farmers.

The scholarships she received from The Dudrow Scholarship Fund and The Robert and Ann Miller Family Fund allowed her to transfer from Frederick Community College to Virginia Tech where she pursued her passion for dairy science. She says the scholarship not only eased her financial burdens but also allowed her to embark on an educational journey that would shape her future in unforeseen ways.

Today Katie is the mother of three children under the age of four, and alongside her husband, she manages a family farming business that thrives. Katie also plays a pivotal role at the Frederick County Office of Economic Development, where she serves as the director of Agriculture and Small Business Services. She says her mission is clear – she wants to help farmers, ensuring they never face heart-wrenching conversations about the inability to preserve their family legacies.