New Scholarship Fund Supports Students in STEM Fields

FREDERICK, MD – Jan. 18, 2024: Quantum Loophole, Inc. has created The Quantum Frederick Scholarship Fund with The Community Foundation of Frederick County to support students interested in careers in technology, engineering and computer science.

Quantum Loophole created The Quantum Frederick Scholarship Fund to support local high school students looking to build careers in technology, engineering, or computer science. This fund will help students with financial need who are pursuing post-secondary, career education or higher education.

“We believe in investing in the future,” said Scott Noteboom, Chief Technology Officer at Quantum Loophole, Inc. “The Quantum Frederick Scholarship Fund will provide new opportunities for local technical and engineering students who are underserved or underrepresented, while fostering a diverse, local workforce here in Frederick County.”

Quantum Loophole, Inc. is a developer of first-of-its-kind master planned data center communities. Its project, Quantum Frederick, is a 2,100+ acre data center community in Frederick aiming to curate better industry by applying thoughtful design practices, integrating nature-based solutions, preserving historic structures, and securing investments that improve the economy and create jobs.

The Community Foundation’s general scholarship application opens on Feb. 15. Frederick County students who are interested in applying for this and other scholarships can learn more and apply at