Fund Created to Preserve Historic Clock Tower at Trinity Chapel

FREDERICK, MD – Mar. 13, 2024: Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ created The Frederick Historic Clock Tower Preservation Fund with The Community Foundation of Frederick County to support the City of Frederick’s historic clock tower, which is located above Trinity Chapel.

Since 1807, the historic clock tower has served Frederick as the official town clock. The four clock faces are visible from every direction of the iconic Trinity Chapel spire in which it is housed. Trinity Chapel is part of Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ’s campus and while the city maintains the clock mechanisms, the structural elements of the tower need substantial repair.

“We believe the Frederick community will want to make the restoration of the tower possible,” church representative David Cooney said. “Its loss [the clock tower] would be a loss to the entire community. This fund is a vehicle for community support and repairing the tower will preserve a significant piece of Frederick heritage.”