What I Want For Christmas

Ho ho ho from Frederick County!

From your telescope at the North Pole, I am sure that you can see the many good things happening in Frederick County.  I know that you and your elves have been scrutinizing your lists, checking them twice, and figuring out who has been naughty and nice.  Yes, we anxiously await your annual trip to Frederick County!

 I hope our donors are on your list as being “nice.”  Without their support, the Community Foundation can’t provide grants and scholarships, so please bring them something special that thanks them for providing more than $6 million in these areas in fiscal 2019. And, if you have something in your sack that is heart-warming, please consider leaving gifts for our Cornerstone Society members in recognition of their remembering the Community Foundation or one of its funds in their estate plans. 

I would be surprised if you found anyone in Frederick County to put on your “naughty” list, except maybe the people who drive the wrong way on Church Street in front of our office.  However, I don’t think they are naughty; they are just disoriented or confused with our one-way streets.  Or maybe they are so happy eating their cupcakes from our neighborhood cupcakery or the fudge, ice cream, and doughnut stores on our street corners that they lose their sense of direction.  I will be sure to leave some of their special treats for you and the reindeer on the 24th.

I know a letter to you is supposed to ask for something. Here are a few things that would make my heart sing, such as:

 ·       Help us continue to make progress in raising money for our Forever Frederick County campaign. This money will go towards building an endowment fund that will provide grants now for Frederick County’s greatest needs, such as our aging population, families with children, and responding to substance use disorder, and then the greatest needs that arise in the future.

 ·       Encourage all Frederick County residents who are pursuing a post-secondary education to apply for our scholarships. The application will be available on our website from March 1st through March 31st.  Speaking of scholarships, our Scholarship Committee is currently accepting applications for volunteers.  Maybe you could let everyone know about this as you travel during the holidays?

 ·       Give everyone who is struggling a peaceful heart during the holiday and in the coming year.  Our nonprofits work hard to bring health, harmony, and happiness to all the residents of Frederick County, so please include their volunteers and staff in your gifts as well. 

Thank you for reading my letter and thank you for all your gifts – the ones from the past years, the ones that you will leave this year, and the ones that will come to us in the future.  Most importantly, thank you for all the donors who are and will help ensure that Frederick County is forever. Ho ho ho! A happy holiday to all!